Mònica is a self-taught photographer born in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia, a little beach town were winters are silent and intimate. She is the youngest of five siblings. To navigate her family dynamics she listens, observes, and keeps quiet. The girl turned into a woman measuring her words, often choosing to hush. With time, photography becomes the medium that will give voice to her internal yelling, an organic means of self-expression, allowing her to put words to the things she sees, feels. To explore the things human beings try to understand when there is no understanding.

Attracted by the concept of creativity, she earned a degree in Publicity and Public Relations where she learned how to work with images, synthesize messages, and she had her first encounter with photography.  

At 26 she started her own communications and graphic design company and for 5 years Mònica took care of brand strategy and corporate identity. She learned the ropes of the business and realized that selling her soul to the advertising world wasn’t her call. It is then when she left the city and started living some years in the mountains. Becoming a mother she returned to the ocean of her hometown and started several businesses that would enable her to travel to Asia. She met and welcomed photography once again and this time the encounter brought to light all the things she had to say. 

After some investigation, photography turned into a necessary and essential tool for her and she worked in the series Cuarentena. This project lasted for one year and during this period the photographer discovered the refuge that photography constitutes for her and she understood that it is possible to devote ones life to something without burning out, quite the contrary, healing herself. 

In this exercise of awareness between what she believes herself to be and what she interprets of her enviroment, her photographs develop two different visual languages. In the one, pictures show her imaginary world of subterranean and intimate life experiences, often using the self-portrait. The other visual language displays something more spontaneous, rooted in daily life. A dialog between the disturbances of life counterpoised against its simple comforts. The consequent dialog forms a unique interactive system, a self-adjusting creative function in which each element forms a part of the whole.

An intimate work that emphasizes the complete experience of the personal life of the individual: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, communal. A living work of photography as a tool of introspection. 




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