Mònica Pallí is a self-taught photographer born and based in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Catalonia. Attracted by the concept of creativity, she earned a degree in Publicity and subsequently started various businesses. But it was in art photography that she discovered an organic means of self-expression, allowing her to put words to the things she sees, feels. To explore the things human beings try to understand when there is no understanding.

In this exercise of awareness between what she believes herself to be and what she interprets of her environment, the photographs develop two different visual languages. In the one, pictures show her imaginary world of subterranean and intimate life experiences, often using the self-portrait. The other visual language displays something more spontaneous, rooted in daily life.  A dialog between the disturbances of life counterpoised against its simple comforts. The consequent dialog forms a unique interactive system, a self-adjusting creative function in which each element forms a part of the whole. An intimate work that emphasizes the complete experience of the personal life of the individual: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, communal. A living work of photography as a tool of self-expression and introspection.

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